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Women's change-making in Greater Manchester

We are excited to announce that we are continuing our collaboration with Amity and in partnership with Flourish to bring a series of three sense-making events to Manchester for women change-makers and those supporting them.

Like many, we were buoyed up by the amazing array of events and happenings that resulted in 2018 from the centenary of (some) women getting the vote in the UK. So many inspiring and purposeful connections made, ideas formed and propositions mulled. We want to make a contribution to supporting you and others to work with intent and make things happen as a result.

The first event is on 5th March at The Pankhurst Centre, full details below. We welcome all wanting to make women-led change happen in Greater Manchester to make a better place for all to live, work and play.

Women's Change Making in Greater Manchester - a series of 3 sense-making events

On the centenary of (some) women's suffrage in 2018 we saw an outpouring of activities, conversations and dialogue in Greater Manchester. We shared and celebrated the stories and experiences of women change makers in all aspects of life and considered the progress we still need to make. Many of these events sparked great potential for women’s continued change making in Greater Manchester - through new connections, discovering shared purpose, exciting novel ideas or reviving existing propositions.

This series of three events aims to provide a sense-making space to consciously re-connect this energy and fervour through appreciation and intention setting. An open and informal space for change makers and those supporting change makers to capture and build on this learning for impact in 2019 and beyond. A space for, what next?

Events are open to all women change makers and those supporting women change makers in Greater Manchester. Participants could be change making in public life, social entrepreneurship, local communities, politics, business or at home - basically any aspect of life in Greater Manchester. You can attend one event or the whole series.

The events are:

  • 6-8pm, 5th March The Pankhurst Centre, Nelson Street, book here

  • 6-8pm, 17th April Accelerate Places, Princess Street, book here

  • 6-8pm, 16th May Manchester Central Library / Emmeline Pankhurst statue (TBC), book here

These events are facilitated by Amity HCD and Happen Together CIC, in collaboration with Flourish CIC.

Small donations at the event to cover refreshments and nibbles will be really welcome.

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