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Working Well

As a team

Is your team changing?  Are you building a new team?  Is the way you need to work together changing?  Dispersed and virtual team members, short-term and fast-paced projects, flexible working, a multiplying myriad of ways to communicate and an inter-generational workforce are some of the features you might be experiencing.  

What do you want to have happen?   You still need high performance, innovation and efficient ways of working that deliver results.  At happen we've worked with teams of many sizes, shapes and purpose, and have a pretty good idea of what works to help your team thrive and deliver:

  • Better collaboration

  • Innovation

  • Productivity

  • Higher reliability

  • Well-being

What makes for great team working is no secret - it's all about how you communicate and building trust.  The teams we've worked with measure this not just in results but in that people want to come to work and the quality of the relationships they have when they are there. 


Working Well

As a network or movement

Are you wanting to work with others towards a common goal? Unsure how to facilitate effective collaboration across diverse and fluid groups?  Seeking to harness the power of the crowd or to build a movement?   What do you want to achieve together?

People-powered change is all around us.  People are connecting and collaborating in a diverse array of ways to achieve common goals.  But, enabling inclusion and equal participation, building and sustaining momentum and delivering in fluid landscape against big ambitions can be hard!

It is messy, unpredictable, human!


We love unlocking the potential of collaborative working to deliver shared goals and social change.  From local community projects to national initiatives, we happily facilitate collaboration across diverse groups on diverse array of issues. Recent examples include building a Greater Manchester network for gender equality,  facilitating Tech North Digital Skills Summit, co-production of homelessness strategy.

Drawing upon our big bag of facilitation and coaching tools, both on and off-line, we take a human-centred design approach, promoting deep conversation, connection and collaboration for change. 





We deliver systems coaching to help teams, organisations and relationships work well.

We draw upon experience across Clean Language, NLP and ORSC.


Help groups establish good habits for working together and sharing their work.


Run mixture of online and face to face courses & training. 


Design new ways of working together.


Share great tools, data, tech and thinking to support effective collaboration and partnerships. 


Provide experienced facilitation.


Enable positive and productive meetings, connection, collaboration and co-production.


Happen Together CIC

For you, for your work, for social change

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