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For your organisation

or movement

Do you have either a good idea or a problem that you need to solve?  Will it improve things for your organisation, community, service users or citizens?  Are you looking to facilitate a way of delivering change that engages people and their voices? Looking for ways to design in effective governance and social accountability?


Our bespoke work can help you at any point of initiating, designing, delivering or evaluating a project that delivers change.  Our focus and tools promote projects that are people-centred, innovative and purposeful about design.  We work alongside you to build your capacity.


Supposedly, 70% of organisational change initiatives ‘fail’.  We want to work with you to think differently about change, what success looks like and create great learning experiences that enable you to think boldly about what you need and want to achieve.



We will facilitate the depth of thinking, conversation and analysis that will provide the insight and systems intelligence needed on your journey to change.   Be that what works, what are others doing or what people are currently experiencing.


Successful change has to matter to those it affects. 

We support you to think purposefully and clearly about how to engage people in all stages of your project and help facilitate inclusive participation to enable co-design and co-production.


We will help you embed a strengths-based, human-centred design approach.  

Supporting you to define success, set out your business case and understand the resources and activities needed to deliver.  We design for diversity & inclusion.


We work alongside you to drive and implement projects effectively with the right people, good decision-making, quality planning and means of monitoring progress.  Our positive attitude and energy is infectious!

Happen Together CIC

For you, for your work, for social change

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