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Personal growth

Is there something you want to make happen, at work or in your personal life?  Is there a new opportunity, but you're not sure how to grasp it in the way that's right for you?  Do you want to understand how to get where you want to be?

Our coaching is focused on solutions and all about you.  You could have a well conceived route map and need some help navigating or a tiny seed of a thought you want to nurture.


We provide a no-strings initial consultation to explore your coaching goal, determine if this coaching relationship is the right one for you and set out a personalised plan for your coaching.




We deliver 1:1 coaching face to face and online to help people make changes to the way they work, live and lead.

We draw upon experience that includes Clean Language, NLP and ORSC.


We can help you to make changes in your day to day life and to be brave, bold and  experimental.  


Share tools to support good habits and to help identify and take the next step.


We'll help you design ways to improve the way you live and work. 


Share great tools, prompts and thinking to improve wellbeing, productivity and happiness. 

WELL supportED

We provide effective time and space for working out what matters to you and what support you need.


Open up opportunities for good coaching, mentoring, person-centred support, peer learning.



private client

"Nicola’s coaching enabled me to navigate my way through my own personal maze of jumbled thoughts to arrive at a position where I had clarity and a sense of purpose.


Nicola’s approach to the coaching made me feel comfortable enough to do some honest thinking and analysis of my current personal situation.  I would thoroughly recommend Nicola to anyone who feels like they need that guidance, direction or motivation in their lives but don’t know how to do it." 


freelance communicator

"My sessions were really productive, well planned and really well tailored to me.  Each week, we built on the last and Nicola really identified where I needed to delve into things, meaning I progressed at my own speed. I got so much out of my sessions, I highly recommend her.

Happen Together CIC

For you, for your work, for social change

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