Nicola Waterworth

"I think of coaching as offering you 'heads-up navigation' to make change happen."
Nicola Waterworth, Coach & Director Happen Together CIC
Some more about me:

​I became a coach after over 12 years working at a senior level in the public and voluntary sectors, where I focused on partnerships, service commissioning and managing change. Coaching enables me to focus on the thing I love most - supporting the growth and development of people to be the best they can and to create unique and wonderful changes in all walks and areas of their lives, work and purpose.

as an individual... might have an idea of a change you want to make or an opportunity that has arisen, and you need help with a route map?


Or you might have set out on a journey of change but there are obstacles hindering your progress? 


You might just have a feeling that something needs to change - do you feel ‘time poor’, lacking focus or enjoyment, or a sense of frustration with some of your current circumstances?

as an organisation...


...are you looking to provide leaders, future leaders and other staff with time and space to develop and improve?


Do you want effective programmes to provide reflection, and support people to ensure their success is defined and achievable?

Are you looking for cost-effective means of introducing coaching and social learning? Such as our Collaboration Circles?

as a team...

...I can support you and your colleagues to create good quality relationships and interdependence to achieve shared goals.


Do you need to deliver a team or project start-up that gets you off to an effective, speedy start? Do you need clear, shared purpose?

Is your team experiencing difficulties? Are dysfunctional team behaviours hindering delivery of good work?

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For you, for your work, for social change