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Powering Up for Social Good 

Creating intentional spaces for social entrepreneurs, innovators, start-ups and family businesses with purpose to grow their social impact.


Happen Together have a heap of experience working with a wide variety of individuals and organisations to build sustainable businesses that achieve social good. We bring all of our coaching, facilitation and systems tools to support you to be at your best in growing and developing your good idea.


Everyone’s journey is different but we can guarantee it is never a straight, simple line. Our experience and expertise tells us that there are four inter-related domains, where we need to consciously focus growth and development for success:

- Start with self: know how you are at your best

2 - Connect & collaborate: work well with others (be that your team, employees, partners, whoever you need to get your work happening)

3 - Design it in: make things happen in the way that you need to - could be organisational structure, strategy, communication profiles - process, procedures, systems that work for you, not the other way round

4 - Think whole system: deliver sustainable impact, understanding how you interact with the bigger picture and where the opportunities are


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All of our work starts with a simple chat. So that we can tailor our approach to the needs of the individual or the organisation. Working with us might include:


  • One to one coaching

  • Team or systems coaching programmes

  • Collaboration circles: moving towards your goal with peers

  • Facilitation and co-production: design projects, products & change that draws on collective wisdom


If you want to Power Up your organisation’s growth and development to achieve social good we encourage you to contact us for a chat.


Happen Together CIC are proud to be part of The Federation, Manchester: a community of digital businesses and innovators, built on ethical values.


For Me & For You Designs

For Me & For You create beautiful woodcut and papercut pictures that create magical shadows when illuminated. Jax and Stewart created the business around their young family, an intentional desire to create a family business that integrated the family life they wanted, uses their design and craft skills and offers financial security. Introduced initially by Enterprising Macclesfield, Nicola has provided joint coaching on a quarterly basis for over 18 months supporting Jax and Stewart to remain focused on their vision and take good decisions about how to achieve it.

“Nicola has helped our business immeasurably. She understands what we're trying to achieve, and how we want to do that whilst maintaining a good grip on our personal and family life. She has helped us galvanise our ideas and work towards them methodically, which makes our dreams feel a lot more achievable.”

Happen Together CIC

For you, for your work, for social change

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