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for you, for your work, for social change....



Have an idea or opportunity that will make a difference?  Seeking greater purpose or well-being?  Want to be a better leader or change-maker?

We provide personal coaching, organisational and leadership coaching and coaching for entrepeneurs and start-ups.

We create a space to reflect on the journey you are taking and define your success. And provide the tools to

make it happen.


 Working with others to deliver a project or achieve a new goal?  Forming a new team?  Need to create or improve collaboration quickly?  

Whether you are working in an  organisation, a virtual team or with a bunch of like-minded people our systems coaching tools can help.


We help you develop shared purpose and good quality relationships

 so collaboration is fruitful and fun. 


co-design and do

Seeking to make change in an organisation, project or community? Have good ideas that you want to make happen?

We provide tools and thinking to support participatory research, meaningful insight, engagement, design and delivery.  

We focus on people-centred projects and ideas with the potential to progress equality and improve the well-being of both people and place.


Happen Together CIC

For you, for your work, for social change

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