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Helping people

make good stuff  happen

About us: We believe in the potential of people to make the world a better place.
We at Happen Together cultivate the conditions and space needed to unlock this potential and make sustained change possible. 
Through coaching, facilitation, design and deliberate development we strengthen and grow individual and collective curiosity, compassion, courage, clarity and creativity.  In a messy world, we support people to live and work well, together, with purpose and authenticity.
Our values & beliefs
for you, for your work, for social change....


We care.  About you. Your work. Your world.   

We'd love to work with you and make ‘good stuff happen together’

Have an idea or opportunity that will make a difference?  Seeking greater purpose or well-being?  Want to be a better leader or change-maker?

We provide personal coaching, organisational and leadership coaching and coaching for entrepeneurs and start-ups.

We create a space to reflect on the journey you are taking and define your success. And provide the tools to

make it happen.

achieve your goals

work well together

 Working with others to deliver a project or achieve a new goal?  Forming a new team?  Need to create or improve collaboration quickly?  

Whether you are working in an  organisation, a virtual team or with a bunch of like-minded people our systems coaching tools can help.


We help you develop shared purpose and good quality relationships

 so collaboration is fruitful and fun. 


system change

Seeking to make change in an organisation, project or community? Have good ideas that you want to make happen?

We provide tools and thinking to support meaningful insight, engagement, design and delivery.  

We focus on people-centred projects and ideas with the potential to progress equality and improve the well-being of both people and place.


whole system change

We love to support people, teams, organisations, communities and social movements to work well and to turn ideas into a reality.


  • We take a human-centred, strengths-based, coaching and facilitatory approach.

  • We nurture personal agency, collective responsibility and leadership.

  • We design for diversity, designing in the behaviours and habits required for positive collaboration and change. 

  • We are agile and flexible with a depth and breadth of tools and project consultancy skills to support delivery.  


We can start wherever you are on your journey now - creating meaningful insight, defining vision and goals, building the right relationships, making a plan to get it done or evaluating what you've learned.


We are passionate about: 

  • connecting  people and ideas to improve collaboration, interdependence and innovation;

  • creating fulfilling and meaningful work;

  • improving health and well-being;

  • progressing gender equality;

  • and supporting sustainable lives.

You can read more about our approach and the way that we work in our blogs.


May 2017

Working Out Loud Serendipity

Serendipitous moments were the backdrop to a workshop delivered at the Smile Expo by Nicola with Lesley Crook on 23rd May.  Having met in a Working Out Loud circle facilitated by Nicola last autumn we wanted to share our experiences about the need to ‘go deep’ into influencing our own behaviours to be effective collaborators in the digital workplace with this Internal Communications crowd. Insight into the latest on Workplace by Facebook from RBS, Sharon O’Dea’s (@sharonodea) insights to the use of chat bots and all manner of other conversations were all good preparation for sharing more thoughts during #wolweek 2017 (5-11 June) and you can see more of Lesley’s work on ‘Working Out Loud in a Network’ here.

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We are dreamers about a different and better, happier, healthier world. 

Dreamers who believe we can get on and create good things now - for ourselves, others and our communities.  


We are 'do-ers' that want to collaborate to make things happen, not sit in endlessly long workshops, sessions or meetings working out how to get there.  

And we want to help others make things happen too.  


We are curious explorers who traverse multiple domains. Asking questions, translating systems, challenging norms and deepening understanding.Forever learning.


We are connective neo-generalists, bringing "together diverse people, synthesising ideas and practice, addressing the big issues that confront us in order to shape a better future." (The Neo-Generalist, Kenneth Mikkelson & RIchard Martin


Ulab: Manchester Hub, with M4 

Starts 21 September 2017  -  PlantNOMA, Manchester

A facilitated open space for anyone following the online course “u.lab: Leading from the emerging future“. Opportunity to share this experience with others locally, to join a coaching circle, to collaborate on research and prototyping, and/or to try out new techniques in a safe and inclusive space.  Option to collectively consider “What is our vision for GM?“.

What is ULab?

ULab is an introduction to Theory U –

“a method for leading profound change in business, government, and civil society contexts worldwide“.

Making Things Happen: Connecting, Contributing & Collaborating for Change.

Online Course

2018 dates tbc - 8 week course. 1.5hrs a week

The course builds on leading practice in coaching, clean language, leadership development, networks and systems thinking and ‘working out loud’.

The course is built around four core elements of making things happen:

1 Knowing what is important to you: developing clear purpose and goal

2 Learning at your best: having a growth mindset, getting the support and resources you need

3 Good relationships: giving and receiving good feedback; understanding others; building trust and shared purpose.

4 Putting your ideas and work ‘out there’: on your own, with a buddy, in a group, online, in the spotlight and making it a habit.

Making Things Happen: Connecting, Contributing & Collaborating for Change.


2018 dates tbc

A good introduction to our more intense 8 week course, above. 

This two hour workshop will help you collaborate in the modern world and make things happen, with a focus on learning to ‘work out loud’. 

Are you seeking purpose and change in your own life, looking to improve collaboration in your workplace, or working with others for social good? We'll introduce you to tried and tested tools, technology and behaviours to help you deliver meaningful, sustainable change.


Interested to know more?  We'd love to hear from you.  Sign up here for details of our latest offers, including upcoming courses, publications and training.  Or get in touch with one of us, we'd love to hear from you. 




We'd love to hear from you

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Happen Together CIC, WeWork, No. 1 Spinningfields, Quay Street, Manchester M3 3JE

Happen Together CIC

For you, for your work, for social change

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