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We can offer ‘bite-size’ experiences, bespoke to your needs, that start from 3 minutes.  These are all based on our tried and tested tools and sessions and adapted where appropriate to best suit your needs, eg:

  • Pre-meeting sessions that ground participants and create fertile conditions

  • Registration or lunchtime/ tea-break speed 1-to-1 coaching opportunities

  • Meeting set-ups to create agreed working frameworks and alliances


Our bite-size option can pop up at events on a scale from 1 to 1000.  They compliment each other well for an easy and tasty mezze platter to share; can provide a tantalising starter and desert at the beginning and end of your day; or a good appetiser to one our more hearty main courses on offer.  They are each designed to create the conditions for good participation, inclusion, co-production, deep democracy, creativity and change at both an individual and system level.  Our menu is constantly growing and evolving as we learn, test and develop new and effective tools.  The best way to find out what flavour will best work for you is to get in contact with us.   


A mini moment of mindfulness - time to arrive, reconnect to ourselves and the space around us. This simple practice can help us be more present, and move into in a different space - opening our minds and hearts to discovering new something new. We often follow this practice with a guided journaling exercise or check-in.


5 Senses

A Clean Language practice for small to large groups specifically designed to heighten awareness of the differences in experiences, language and thinking within the group. For the purpose of improved listening, questioning and harnessing the strengths and input of all.


Speed coaching

Offering 1-to-1 opportunities for setting intentions and motivating people to try new things or do things differently.


Creative connection

A range of fun and creative ways to build connection between people in the group using any one of a mix of different research, journalling, drawing, curating and interviewing tools. 

Wicked introduction to Working out loud

Quick introduction to the joys of working out loud with others - a range of tools to encourage people to share their thinking, feeling and doing with others - both in the space and using social media and other tools available to share more widely. 

Swap places if....

A simple game often used to help people get to know each other and to help build energy and movement.


Creates safe, deep democracy space able to offer groups a snapshot of the system around an issue, agenda item or discussion point, to enable the system to “reveal itself” without judgement. A good tool when teams or groups are looking to develop how to move forward with a specific intention.


Clean set-up (‘Learning at your best...’)

Enables all participants to set clear intent for a meeting or event, taking responsibility for any support or resources they need to achieve this. Can be done as a group or 1-to-1 with individuals.


Street wisdom

Discover the wisdom of the streets. Inspiration can be found on your own doorstep, Street Wisdom shows you how. 'Walking-based problem solving' - a mix of psychology, mindfulness and cognitive science. Whether for personal exploration or to encourage creativity in work, Street Wisdom is an incredible tool. Discover that Answers Are Everywhere.


Symbolic modelling

Using colour pens and paper,  physical movement, tangible objects or space to explore any given issue through paying attention to personal metaphors.  The subconscious mind does not have language: it communicates with the conscious mind through visions and symbols, and during sleep in dreams. Focusing on a metaphor enables you to communicate directly with your subconscious to discover new perspectives and a greater depth of insight.


Developing your relationship metaskills (travel the space of the relationship metaskills)

This exercise will help you to intentionally bring the key metaskills (philosophies, attitudes or intentions) that are essential to the efficient and effective functioning of a high-performing and well-developed team - to your Dream Team. There are at least seven of these: Respect/Trust, Commitment, Collaboration/Partnership, Heart/Intimacy, Curiosity/Inquiry Awareness, Playfulness, and Diversity/Deep Democracy (all voices being heard).

Clean feed-back 

Experiment with this model for giving and receiving effective feedback 


Stress and support

Developing a personal plan for when things are difficult

One page profile

Setting out your strengths, support needs & motivations

​Check out  

A great way to intentionally checking out at the end of the weekend and set future intentions)


Bitesize NVC (Nonviolent communication)

E.g. 4 ways to listen - how to listen without hearing judgement, only feelings and needs.


Connecting to a felt sense

Finding the felt sense involves connecting to our physical bodies. In this session we offer a brief guided session for connecting bodily sensations to feelings and deeper messages that are not conscious, and hard to access through our usual patterns of thought.


Other offers which we can potentially deliver in bite-sized portions include: Seeing the Strengths;   Beating the Bias;  Honing our superpowers;  Growing your Spheres of Influence and Support; Scrupulous Scrutiny; Clean Challenge; Treating Toxicity; Being and Leading at Your Best; Making it Happen!

Happen Together CIC

For you, for your work, for social change

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