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A One Page Profile captures all the important information about a person on a single sheet of paper under three simple headings: what people appreciate about me, what’s important to me and how best to support me.


First developed by Helen Sanderson Associates as part of good person-centred planning, they are now commonly used across education, health and social care sector [read more]


Eve first started using hers as a lawyer and she wrote about their uses at the time. we've since introduced them into other businesses and use them by way of an introduction in our coaching, facilitation and consultancy work. 


We believe they are a great tool for everyone to use in any context, helping people to bring their whole self to work, to take control of their lives and to better support each other   - boosting wellbeing, happiness and productivity.  

What people appreciate about me...

  • Vision and ideas

  • Connecting & joining dots

  • Empathy

  • Perceptive

  • Energy & passion

  • Authenticity

  • Adventurous and playful

  • Tactile

What is important to me...

Having authentic relationships with a diverse range of people. 

Feeling included and connected.

To learn and develop through new experiences – connecting with new people, places and ideas gives me energy and sense of fulfilment.

I need time each week to reflect on my experiences, to  share and discuss in person and online through blogs and social media. 

Being ‘present’ at home & work. Practicing mindfulness.

Living modestly, with low carbon footprint.

Making a positive contribution – getting things done. 

Shaping national policy and practice at strategic level. 

Hands on grass roots projects within my local community,:- helping more people to cycle; spreading and facilitating community circles; connecting people; organising social action, community projects and events; political activism; school governance and public scrutiny. 

Opportunities to be fun, playful, creative and brave. 

Being physically active every day – cycling,  running, hiking, football or swimming.  Regular yoga and rock climbing. 

Eating well every day, drinking lots of water and going to bed by midnight. 

Getting outside every day.  Taking notice of surroundings and changing seasons. Holidaying by the sea or in the mountains.  At least one week a year in wilderness, completely switching off.

How best to support me...

  • Be honest and open with me - clear about what you want and need. Share what is and isn’t working.   

  • Give me feedback, (appreciation & critique), otherwise I may loose confidence & get anxious. 

  • I’m generous with my time if I can see it is valued and if stuff gets done.  I’ll loose motivation if there is no progress.  Let me know as soon as possible if you need to re-arrange a deadline or meeting.

  • Be clear about roles, actions, expectations and time frames.  I struggle to take notes during meetings so appreciate agreeing clear action plan at end.  I’m ambitious; tell me if something is impractical.

  • I like to understand the context, the ‘big picture’, before hearing the detail. I am a visual learner – show me.

  • I live a busy life, each week can look very different, I may struggle to find a regular time & day to meet up or talk. Email, Slack, Twitter work best.

Eve Holt

Happen Together CIC

For you, for your work, for social change

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